As you pray for a good wife also pray she has good friends too because they are the Board Of Directors.

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As you pray for a good wife, also pray she has good friends too because those friends are the Board Of Directors.

There is a popular saying that says: ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’. This saying becomes extremely important when you decide to settle for a life partner.

Choosing a wife is not a difficult thing to do but picking the right one is a very tedious task. Many men when they are on the lookout for a potential wife do not consider some necessary cues.

It has been proven that evil company corrupts good morals; therefore you must check to ensure that your wife-to-be has the best of friends in her circles.

If you don’t PUT in measures to ensure that your wife has quality friends, remember your marriage will be hitting the rock soon and it will collapse.



The number one killer of marriages and relationships is the external people who always have a negative influence on the union.

Research has also proven that women are more likely to listen to their friends than any other person, That is why it is a vital decision to make as to whether you will accept the friends of your wife or not.

As you do so, do not forget that we are all social beings and we will need friends. Therefore, in your quest to ensure that your wife has the best of friends, make sure you don’t overstretch your limit.

Some special women cannot do without their friends and leak every private information to them. When you meet such a woman…RUN…I repeat RUN.

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