Advertising options

Advertising options

Through our self-service system, you can already advertise with a budget of $ 200.

Self-service works with clicks. You upload your ban1ner, decide how many days your banner should run and decide how many clicks you want to buy. After receipt of payment, we will rotate your banner on until the number of visitors (clicks) has been delivred to your website.

Working with clicks is very transparant. You will know exactly how many people will visit your website. The more clicks you buy the more people will visit your website. By installing Google analytics on your website, you can independently verify that we deliver what we buy.

If have different requirements, contact our corporate sales department. Corporate sales are possible from a budget of $ 1000 and above.

Self-service versus corporate advertising

Self-service Corporate
Budget $ 200 – $ 1000 $ 1000 and above
CPC yes yes
CPM no yes
Fixed placement no yes
Geo-graphical targetting no (Ghana only) yes
Homepage targetting no yes
Section targetting no yes
728×90 leaderboard yes yes
160×600 skyscraper yes yes
300×250 rectangle yes yes
take-over no yes
animated banners no yes
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