Kidnapping at Odumse

Kidnapping at Odumse

Ghana for years has been touted as the destination for foreign travellers because of the peace and accommodating nature of its citizens. However, a recent uproar in cases of kidnapping has threatened to leave a bitter pill in the mouth of both locals and tourists.

The most recent of these blemishes is an alleged dispute over who has the legitimacy of a stool in a suburb of Accra, which has led to the kidnapping of one of their royals.

Kidnapping at Odumse
Kidnapping at Odumse

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On Saturday 25th of July, news of the abduction of the elder brother of the Setse of Odumse on the Dodowa road in the Shai Osudoku district and broke. Hoodlums, dressed in military uniforms armed to the teeth stormed the streets disturbing the peace of the community. This led to locals fleeing their communities.

Allegations have been leveled against the Setse for the abduction of his own brother by name Numo Nartey Kwaku by some family members, according to the Setse this resulted in the Dodowa police arresting him where he was later granted bail.

According to eyewitnesses, the supposed abduction was done by the son whose name is Kofi Bernard Nartey of the supposed abducted; Numo Natey who is a brother to the gazetted chief of Odumse.

An eye witness by name Cyril Majid told on arrival that he saw Kofi Bernard Nartey son of Noomo Nartey the supposed abducted behind a church building where Bernard brought his father sandals to wear. He later saw them move away in a red Camry car with registration number GE 2886 – 15, with Numoo 1 written in yellow at the back of the car.

According to Cyril Majid, he reported the case to one chief CID by name chief Azumah about what he’d witnessed. Two sisters; Mary Narh and |Gloria Tetteh also spoke to us on arrival as eyewitnesses. Both confirmed they saw the son of Numoo Nartey in the person of Kofi Nartey move with his father in a red Camry with registration number GE 2886 -15, and have since made for a formal report to the Dodowa district police station.

This whole stir has brought some unrest in the town as the Setse of Odumse claims he’s been accused wrongly.

There have been some unconfirmed reports as to the whereabouts of Numoo Nartey Kwaku kept somewhere in Ashaiman by some indigenes of Odumse.

We followed up to the police station at Dodowa where the case was reported of the abduction of the said Numoo Nartey Kweku, where it was confirmed that indeed there has been reports made by the son Bernard Kofi Nartey at the district police station on the 26th of July of the kidnap of his father Numoo Nartey Kweku accusing his family members of the kidnap of his father using military officers and some land guards. The police confirmed to us on arrival at the Dodowa district police station that indeed they’ve had wind of the presence of the said abducted of his presence in the Dodowa township and have gone in to and invited him for questions but wasn’t in the position to talk much about it until they’ve delved deep enough into the matter, the commander in charge of the matter was not available to further questions.

In recent times there have been many cases of kidnapping in the news which is indeed worrisome in every regard.

With past cases of the kidnap the Takoradi girls still a mystery yet to be solved, we hope this propels authorities to go deep to the root of the issue and bring perpetrators to book.


By Queku Baah/Laud Halm-Quartey