Zita Grabs New Husband

Former Minister for Tourism, Zita Sabah Okaikoi, on Saturday got married to a new man at a ceremony held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

There is very sketchy information about the new man to be warming Zita’s bed.

He is said to be a well-heeled and accomplished business mogul, who lives a very modest and off media life.

The new husband is from the Volta Region and there are media speculations he is called “Benson.”

It is not clear when Zita got divorced with the father of her children, Andrew Okaikoi, but reports indicates that the two were in court seeking an official separation of their marriage.

For a long time now, Zita and Andrew have lived more as friends than as a married couple. While Andrew lives alone at Tesano in Accra, Zita is said to be living with the children somewhere Haatso, a suburb of Accra.

Saturday’s wedding was a private event attended by very close family members and just a handful of friends, including Ambassador Victor Smith, who was succeeded by Zita as Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and Moses Bukari Mabengba, immediate past Ambassador to Angola.

Reports say the after-wedding reception party was hosted by broadcast journalist, Abeiku Santana at the same hotel.

Sometime in 2010, there were grapevine reports that the marriage of Zita to Andrew was in danger and had resulted in both of them deciding to become Members of Parliament (MPs) on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) – a decision, which further drew a wedge into their love affairs.

While Andrew embarked on a full fledge campaign to win the NDC parliamentary primary for the Okaikoi North Constituency, Zita left no stone unturned in an effort to win the party’s parliamentary primary for Dome Kwabenya – which she lost to Sophia Ackuaku, now MP for Obom Domeabra.

Both crashed, as none of them made it to parliament.

Checks revealed that by 2010, the Andrew-Zita marriage was strained to an extent that the couple separated and bade farewell to their matrimonial home.

Zita gathered her belongings, grabbed their two children and vamoosed to her mother’s home at Haatso.

She once in a blue moon grants Andrew access to see his children.

The youngest of the children was the one Zita travelled all the way to New York just to give birth to, and that was the genesis of the row.

Andrew, on the other hand, decided to ignore Zita’s departure and rather pitched camp at a small residence at Tesano in the Okaikoi North Constituency.

Not long after, they started divorce arrangements in court.



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