Women; What Is Your Ideal Man?

That ‘ideal’ man you have in your mind is not automatic. You can achieve that through prayer and hardwork in your relationship. No one meets the right partner already made.

Remember, the experiences and background you may have that has created your ideal man for you are personal to you. Your partner has not had the opportunity to go through the same things for him to become that man in your dreams. So when you meet someone you like, get together and build yourselves.

Don’t dismiss good people because they don’t fit your already made mold. Be sensitive to the directions of the Holy Spirit and have an open heart. As you have set standards for him, also know he may also have standards he set for his woman and may want you to make some changes to your life as well.

Love is a give and take affair. You can’t demand that your partner meets your need and refuse to also change. Humility plays a key role in love.

Don’t set unreal standards for your partner to achieve before taking the step. If he loves the Lord, is a hardworker and loves you, I think it is a great start. If he’s started a small business, see how you can help.

Bring your intelligence and woman power to bear. See the good in what he’s doing, rather than nag him to get a way to make quick money. Every business has a potential of becoming big and successful, you can make it.

Together, God will bless you so you can achieve your ideal life together. Stop wasting so much time waiting to get ‘all’…don’t put pressure on the man to meet your standards before accepting him.

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Marry potential,vision and faith in God.

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