Whither Zimbabwe after Mugabe? – Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson is wondering if Zimbabwe will be better off after Robert Mugabe leaves office.

There is a clarion call for Mr Mugabe to quit as president after 37 years as leader of the southern African country.

The governing Zanu-PF party has accused the 93-year-old leader of allowing his wife to usurp constitutional power.

The party is expected to begin impeachment proceedings in parliament against Mr Mugabe on Tuesday, 21 November after the deadline given him to resign elapsed.

Reacting to developments in Zimbabwe, Ms Forson said many countries have risen against their leaders who they described as ‘dictators’ but ended up worse off after the dictator had been overthrown and wondered what the fate of Zimbabwe would be after Mr Mugabe’s exit.

“I’m not as interested in Mugabe’s resignation as I am with what comes after. There’s too many examples of countries that have been through this and turned out far worse off than they were with the “dictators” they did away with. I just hope Zimbabwe is the exception,” she said in a tweet.

Mugabe is one of the longest-serving Africans leader on the continent.



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