We Will Pay Junior Doctors’ Salary Arrears Even If…KATH PRO

The Public Relations Officer of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) Kwame Frimpong has assured that the facility is working feverishly with the Ministry of Finance to settle the arrears of the Junior Doctors.

He indicated that KATH is prepared to pay the arrears even if they have to fall on their Internally Generated Funds (IGF).

According to him, they are waiting for the official letter from the Ministry to confirm the verbal agreement they had with the doctors during a crunch meeting on Wednesday 16, 2017 that they will indeed be paid.

Mr Frimpong indicated that the Finance Ministry, Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) and KATH have all agreed to work out the money due the doctors.

‘The goodness is that there is the preparedness by the stakeholders involved to resolve the matter as soon as possible and we have verbal assurances to that effect. We are waiting for a formal letter to give to the doctors. KATH has taken it upon itself that even if we have to fall on management, we will do so. Management is prepared to go all out to pay them, we are prepared to do so, its their money, there is no contention about that, we will resolve it anyway, anyhow, either through the hospital or the Ministry, the solution will come,’ he assured.

KATH is owing the Junior Doctors of two months salaries from September/October 2016.

The doctors have threatened to go on strike next week if KATH management fails to pay their arrears. The doctors started work in September 2016, but when their financial clearance were given to them it started that it was not employing earlier than November, 2016.

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Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Mr Frimpong described as an oversight the failure on the part of the Finance Ministry to back date the two months salaries.

‘What happened was that last year, we engaged the Ministry of Health and approval was given for us to allow the House Officers start work, unfortunately when the financial clearance came, we realised that the starting date has been shifted to November 2016, you know the financial clearance is issued by the Ministry of Finance and not the Health Ministry.

‘So the Finance Ministry’s attention was drawn to that anomaly, and the assurance was that it will be rectified before they end their Housemanship. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to that point until now. So it’s not KATH that caused the anomaly,’ he explained.

The KATH PRO assured that the CEO of KATH has travelled to the Finance Ministry to follow up the verbal agreement calling on the doctors to exercise restriant.

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