Time With Relationship Coach Victoria Beeko-Danso–Case Number One

My husband wanted to marry a second wife because I couldn’t give him children but I didn’t support him so we adopted a female child,he kept trying to marry a second wife or adopt a male child but I never supported any, our only child has grown big now,

She became sick last week and I decided to take her to the hospital, she is 2 months pregnant, I asked who was responsible, she said her dad,my husband boldly accepted he is responsible and his reason is because I didn’t allow him to marry another woman or adopt a male child, I tried to remind him the girl is our daughter but he said she is not his blood.

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I don’t want to think of abortion because I’m a Christian. My husband even said that after this,he would impregnate her again and again until she gives birth to male children.I am so ashamed and confused as people know this girl as our child.

Please, what do I do?

Victoria’s Advice:
1. Looks like inability to have kids was from you(as is evident now)…thus you shd have applied a bit of wisdom to minimize the impact of what was bound to happen. (I’d have ensured I had a good security in terms of property sharing…cuz the man was already ‘gone’ with his suggestion of a second wife)

2. Looks like the adoption didnt solve his itch, so you shd have still applied 1 above because the man had entered highway of no return….still you ‘naively’ decided to ‘control’ an uncontrollable situation….bad move

3. He just decided to ‘scorn’ you for what he saw as unreasonability on your part….as it stands now, he’s not remorseful (not that he doesnt see the bizarreness of the situation. He just doesnt care…)

Move out for your peace of mind to allow the man to marry the girl.

Otherwise, you can stay and act as a first wife

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