The looming dangers of a deliberately “silent” Media in Ghana

The looming dangers of a deliberately “silent” Media in Ghana

There is a looming danger in our Country, and it’s not funny. This toothless, ridiculous, dubious and corrupt Media regime will deliberately plunge this country into chaos and anarchy.

How on earth did an explosive expose by Joynews like “a militia in the heart of the city” not find space on any of the frontpages of our major newspaper headlines???

I remember when the Kitchen stool sextape involving a teacher and his student was leaked on social media, the following morning it was splashed on all major newspaper frontpages.
Yes something as ridiculous as a sextape leaked on social media…

Yet a well investigated documentary aired on national television about the security of this country could not find space on our frontpages.

And we say we have a media?
The fourth estate of the realm has now become an extension of the Communication directorate of the Presidency.

Now it is even clearer that the Media is in President Akufo-Addo’s pocket!
Well it turns out the President himself has not found his way out of Kwesi Nyantakyi’s pocket.
Now imagine being in the pocket of someone who is also in someone’s pocket…total darkness!!

Ei!…the media should be careful in this country ooo

They are destroying the future of the profession.

Look at Kojo Oppong Nkrumah…one fine reverred gentleman(also from the media) now turned into a pathological “black paint” removing liar!!!

Is this really the Kojo Oppong Nkrumah who was on JoyFM every morning bringing to us probing analysis of the issues confronting our dear Country??

No! i don’t believe so, maybe the real Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is under lock and key just like Legon hospital and the bank hospital.
Perhaps the one we are seeing now is a clone.

He has the effrontry to tell us the good people of Ghana that those millitias being trained in the seat of Government Annex are young people looking for jobs and the “De Eye” group is recruiting company….Jesus Christ!

So KON is telling us that the Osu Castle is available for use by any lunatic who want to set up a recruitment agency abi?

And oh the recruitment agencies like Montran,HR people and the likes… since when did you add millitary drills to your trainings that we didn’t hear about???

Such silly excuse from a Minister of State excuse my words.

The most annoying response was when he said the Osu Castle was not a millitary zone anymore, it has been turned into a Museum.

Ah this guy paa..even if it has been turned into a Zoo, this is the former seat of Government, you cannot give offices to Party Millitias at the very place Former Presidents have operated their offices from.

This is outright disrespect for the former Presidents of this country.

What single project has President Akufo-Addo built?

But he is busy building a cathedral.
If President Kuffuor had used the resources for the Flagstaff House to build a Cathedral will he had gotten a new ultra-morden office to now give the old Presidential Office to his millitia??

You see we are not against this government, we all want the best for this Country but truth be told this President Akufo Addo is a total waste of our time!!!

Today huge unaccountable unbudgeted State resources have been allocated to the OGM purposely to bribe journalists.

Every week you and I, our taxes, are carried in sacks of bags to the Flagstaff house to bribe journalists.

We have left the destiny of this Country in the hands of one visionless oldman who is not interested in solving the challenges of this Country but always want to look good in the eyes of the public.

Since they came into office, that is all they have been interested in.

Producing black paint, and paying the media to white-wash it after the citizens try to utilise the black paint.

This government is nothing but a useless black paint producing government.

Now it is our responsibility for the future of our Children to get these incompetent, disrespectful, insensitive, visionless, people out of power.

It is a call to duty and everyone must get involved.

Send me an email and join the Campaign.


Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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