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THE PULCHRITUDE OF NEVER SAY DIE – The Thomas Abbey testimony!

From the confines of a career threatening injury scare through a bit part playing responsibility to an emblatic leader and assasin in chief- The Thomas Abbey success story unraveled in one sentence.

He was sidelined for long periods due to a complicated spine problem which was limit his ability as a player if not end his career entirely. His recovery and return to full fitness was a miracle carved in a glimpse of wonder especially for those who saw his condition closely.

He returned to the playing field ever graceful and ready to give it his all. He will begin on the fringes with a lot to fight for and a hugely talented pool to compete with for a spot in the Hearts of Oak lineup. He began the season not getting the look in in the wing areas where he thrives best. His relentless and strong will is evident in how he bided his time on the bench and worked his way steadily into the team before cementing his place as an untouchable.

With substantive captain Robin Gnagne out through injury and at such a time when the Centre was not really holding at Hearts, the mantle fell on Thomas Abbey. Not scared by the mammoth responsibility on his shoulders he took the bull by the horn and decided to lead by example.

The hard running forward will soon turn into a genuine motivator and an exemplary example for all to follow. Easily that versatile player any coach can fall on, he has played as a wing back, winger, a second striker and that man in the hole all in one season.

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He has since developed a knack for goals and quality yet crucial goals as that. Many are marveled at how he has added this to his inbuilt style of long track backs to help in defence as well as his insatiable will to cover a lot of ground in midfield.

He has capped his blistering form this season with 12 league goals and a joint top scorer by close of week 24.

Undeniably the epitome of what he represents and leads week in week out on the field, Thomas Arnold Abbey truly NEVER SAYs DIE!

The pulchritude of it all is what we behold every game week when this wonder of a lad is in action.

By: Kwame Owusu Ansah
Twitter: @Totti_er_pupone

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