The 15 Photos Of Anxiety As Parents Flood GES Center Over SHS Placements

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Parents cut a picture of anxiety over the future of their children’s education. They have done the job of pushing their wards through school.

Their wards have done their job of passing their exams. Now it is the turn of the education service to do their job of processing their placements.

And this job has left the parents with a fresh burden of worry at the School Placement Resolution Center set up at the Independence Square in Accra.

Some parents complained, their children were placed at schools they did not chose, in regions they never selected.

Some students relishing the boarding experience, suddenly face a depressing prospect of living under an extended era of direct parental guidance.

And some simply did not get any school with their results, award-winning photojournalist David Andoh has found out.

There is considerable pressure on Ghana’s second cycle schools since government picked up the bill with its free SHS policy.

Enrollment has shot up as government is keen on ensuring every qualified student does not stay at home on the basis of financial need.

The teeming numbers of students has resulted in the introduction of a new policy, the double track system.

It splits a class into two – one starts, the other waits and on vacation the roles are switched – the waiting class resumes, the starting class vacates.

How the system works is proving a challenge for parents to fully understand. The school calendar is suddenly looking like a mathematical equation.

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