Tema Oil Refinery, What Is Wrong?

Tema Oil Refinery, What Is Wrong?
Tema Oil Refinery, What Is Wrong?

Tema Oil Refinery, What Is Wrong?

An Open Letter To His Excellency, The President Of Ghana.

The Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) is one of the Strategic Industries that Kwame Nkrumah established in the 1960’s in his vision for an Industrialized Ghana. That is still identifiable, among others like the Akosombo Hydro Electric Dam that everyone can point to its physical existence.

Kwame Nkrumah’s Foreign Policy was Non-Aligned. There were then two power blocks. The East and the West. When Nkrumah realized that our Colonial Western friends would not care much about our development, he looked to the East for assistance with the Soviet Union, who was looking for friends, just as the Chinese are looking to expand and make reliable friends across the world. The Soviet Union opted to give Ghana everything at very reasonable terms. When the West realized Nkrumah had turned to the East bloc, he immediately became a target for assassinations and elimination. That was the era of the East and West Expansionism.

When Ghana started producing Crude oil in commercial quantities, a few years ago, it became clear in the minds of many Ghanaians that the Refinery was going to be a major asset in stabilizing the booming industry and make Ghana proud. That anxiety did not play out as it was speculated later, that the Ghana crude oil was too heavy to be able to be refined at the Tema Refinery. True or False, no scientific data has been made available for public scrutiny. The history behind the sale of previous state-owned assets like Ghana Telecom and others made the speculations very suspicious since there was a previous attempt to dispose of the Tema Refinery.

The Industry has been unproductive for about ten years now while the state keeps paying salaries of workers for fear of losing them. The question is that, why haven’t we for so long constituted a consortium of crude oil engineering expertise to investigate into the possibility to upgrade or refurbish our plant to the right capacity that can refine our heavy crude to add value for our local consumption and for export?

The writer is a plant mechanical Engineer and has worked extensively in the plant industry for the most part of his life. He, therefore, knows what he is talking about upgrading the Tema Plant. The People of Ghana deserves to know why such an important national asset has for too long been left unproductive and why no Government seems concerned about financial losses. There are very good reasons why the constitution of Ghana provided for a Freedom of information Law for the people of Ghana. However, Parliament has for more than ten years been unable to pass a bill laid before them into law, because of evil intentions. The Taxpayers of Ghana would want to know what exactly is wrong with the TEMA OIL REFINERY. It is incumbent therefore MR. PRESIDENT, that you owe it a duty to delegate your sector Ministers of Science Technology and Industry, and the Minister of Information, to make the necessary information on the status of the Tema Oil Refinery Public within the next few days. This is the prayer of the Tax Payer. Most Sincerely.

By Ofori Ampofo


The writer is the President of the National Crusaders Alliance (NCA). He will soon launch a 2020 Independent Presidential campaign document for change, as a Gift for Ghana to decide.

Jeorge Wilson Kingson



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