Taadi Girls : Third Suspect picked in Nigeria


A third suspect has been arrested in connection with kidnapped Takoradi girls.
Sources say the suspect was picked up in Nigeria.

Two other suspects Samuel Willis and Emily Alimo are already in custody and are facing trial.

So far, four bodies have been discovered by the police over the last one week in connection with investigations into the kidnappings.
Meanwhile, two families of the missing girls have backtracked on their stance not to allow the police take samples for DNA tests on some discovered bodies at the premises of the kidnap suspect.

The Bentum and Korankye families have given the green light for the samples to be taken, spokesperson of the families Michael Grant Hayford revealed to D)t) K3se3 Ase Kase3 on Wednesday.

“We are in a country where we have to respect our elders and the rule of law. The result is what we are all looking out for,” he said.
However, he insisted the families believe the girls are still alive.

The three families had earlier mentioned they are not going to cooperate with the police for the DNA Test because they have lost confidence in the peace makers.


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