Suhum : Judge flees courtroom attack

The presiding judge at the Suhum Circuit Court in the Eastern Region, Oglie Korkovitey, on Thursday, 12 October, fled the courtroom after an irate mob attempted attacking him during hearing.

The mob was livid after the judge granted bail to a fetish priest, popularly known as Rasta, who allegedly knocked down and killed three residents, including a second year student at the University of Education Winneba, in Suhum.

Michel further reported that the relatives of the deceased mobilized the public to attack the judge for freeing the suspect because he posed a threat to them in the community.

They alleged that the fetish priest has gained notoriety of knocking down people with his vehicle. Some of them believe that Rasta engages in the killings for ritual purposes.

To that end, they wanted the judge to remand him in custody.

The judge has since not reported to work, hours after fleeing the court.



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