Strictly Men: Learn to keep the area around your Scrotum neat

Strictly Men: Learn to keep the area around your Scrotum neat

Dear Men,

Learn to keep the area around ur scrotum and penis nu dry kakra na yabr3 ne flu…😂

Brother, after a shower, you should make sure you’re dry down there before you put on your undergarments(supporter)

Put on underwear like cotton boxer briefs that will take away liquid or moisture during the day.

Those leather P. E pants you guys wear nu are not helping ur dick, they rather harbour sweats, heat, and dirt around ur private parts, that’s why some of you have offensive odor around & under ur shoa.

If you exercise or engage in activities that make you sweat, make sure you shower, don’t keep that sweat down there… Sweat is not bad, it’s just that it makes the area moist and grows the bacteria…some of you even got lice on ur dick Mpo ad3n?

The best deodorant for down there is keeping it dry…. Covering up the smell with body spray and Korle – Bu powder is not enough, you have to keep it dry.

Take note, no woman in her right senses will ever put her mouth on ur balls or dick to give you head if you smell like livestock or rotten eggs..

He who wants to be sucked must come with a clean & well kept Penis…period!!!

Thank you

Your favorite Virgin

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