Stop Egoistic Tendencies – NDC leaders told

Enoch Nsiah

Enoch Nsiah

National officers of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been asked to show maturity, leadership and clear direction to end the current rumpus which generated schism between pro-Rawlings camp and pro-Mahama camp in the party.

Former Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, Enoch Amoako-Nsiah believes the leadership of the NDC is firmly locked in the display of narcissistic tendencies and pettifogging, forsaking important things that require their attention.

In a message on his facebook wall dubbed:  “A Little Prompt to NDC Leadership”, the security capo accused the party’s executives of using the NDC as a cover-up to settle personal grudge and selfish interests.

“You are only few individuals whining and bickering, making it appears as if the party is on fire. The grassroots, the comrades of the great party are more united than you think. We are not part of your childish pranks,” he stated.

Mr. Amoako-Nsiah asserted that the leadership of the NDC appears to have lost focus on what is expected of them, after hoodwinking the party’s faithful into thinking that they knew the job well.

“Comrades, do not be hooked on to their attention seeking antics. After the painful defeat, we expect leadership to show maturity, clear direction, concrete road map to revamp the sleeping Eagle and not the unnecessary divisive statements,” he charged. He continued: Are we not ashamed that we could not collate electoral results? Are we not ashamed that we are causing much pain to our teaming supporters? Leaders indeed!

The former security coordinator called on the national officers to quit, if they could not lead, indicating that “committed leaders with vision and passion will emerge.” His lamentations came after the frosty relationship between Martin Amidu and the NDC took a further dip, with the party leadership summoning the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice to face a disciplinary committee.

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The latest twist, which is deemed to have widened further the schism between the pro-Rawlings camp to which Martin Amidu, the citizen vigilante belongs, and the pro-Mahama camp, has come about by Dr. Valarie Sawyer’s satiric writing which was critical of the NDC founder and the former Attorney General.

From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi

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