Speaker Oquaye Prepares To Be President For 48-Hours

Speaker Oquaye Prepares To Be President For 48-Hours

The former political science lecturer gets to put possibly a glossy finish on a political career that saw him become an MP, a Speaker of Parliament and now President even if it would be for 48 hours.

MPs have responded to a tax-payer funded recall to make Rt. Hon Speaker Prof. Mike Oquaye, ag. President as Nana Akufo-Addo leaves the country Sunday for Liberia.

He will attend the swearing-in ceremony of footballer turned president George Oppong Weah which comes of Monday 22, 2018. He is expected to return on Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

His vice-president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is in the UK on medical leave after he was reported to have been unwell last Friday.

Article 60(11) of the Constitution of the 1992 constitution appoints the Speaker as the next in line to fill a political vacuum.

It is a vacuum which Ghanaians have learnt the hard way that it can be dangerous grounds for coup d’etat.

So the 1992 constitution leaves no stone unturned on who does what when the President or his Vice are both not in town.

It is the Speaker of Parliament who acts and if he is unable, the Chief Justice ‘enjoys’ the honour.

The 275 MPs are expected to honour the recall to do a 10-minute exercise that sticks the taxpayer with a hefty price tag of constitutionalism and democracy.

Story by Ghana|myjoyonline.com

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