She Caught Husband- To- Be In Bed With Another Woman A Month To Wedding. Her Response Will Surprise You

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True Story
In 2014, when Emelia (Not real name), was 27 years and all her friends were getting married she decided to marry too. She met her Mr Right and after a year preparations started for marriage.

“Preparations started although he seemed uninterested sometimes. I however, went ahead to purchase items that he gave me money for,” she said in an interview with

Each weekend Emelia would purchase food items and groceries take to her fiancé’s house to cook for him and sleep over too. All these activities were without payment or transportation back home.

From all indications, the man was not ready for marriage and was just playing along but she ignored all the glaring signs.

“I think he wasn’t interested but instead of telling me he rather went sleeping around. His elder brother and tenants tried to warn me but I ignored,” She said.

Before he (fiancé), was caught cheating with another woman, Emelia had met a woman in his room twice and had forgiven him because they were not caught in any comprising position.

On that fateful day, upon a tip off from his fiancé’s elder brother, Emelia went to visit her boyfriend unannounced.

“When I got there they were having sex in the living room. I didn’t say a word. I just packed the items for the wedding, my belongings and left. The only thing he could say was that he would love to marry me because I am a marriage material but he couldn’t leave his girlfriends because they had not wronged him.”

That was three years ago. Now I have trained myself to be fearless and my advice for ladies is they should not rush into marriage because everybody is getting married and also pray before getting into it.”

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