See Riohs Originate’s Ever Stylish, Juliet Botokro

You meet the ever stylish Juliet Botokro aka Ama from Ghana’s hottest fashion and design powerhouse, Rioh’s Originate.

She is on our fashion spotlight for this week’s edition.

The Graduate in waiting has completed her 6 Months Fashion design Weekend school.

Take a look through some of her handy works.
Riohs Originate Fashion School provides services and training for individuals/organizations that value their image, style, colour and insist on promptness, accuracy and consistency.

Riohs Originate was founded in 2010 by Richard Ohene Sika- a writer, singer, fashion designer and talent manager, which has been the driving force behind numerous citizen-centered and educational initiatives.

Richard’s original vision was to offer the general public the chance to take high quality arts courses by distance learning, without prior qualifications or restrictions. He saw Riohs as a means of transforming people’s lives, giving them the opportunity and skills to express their creative talents under the guidance of professional artists.

Today, Riohs Originate is a thriving creativity enhancement institution whose charitable purpose is to widen participation in arts education. Countless students each year now study creative and visual arts by open learning with us.

Visit us on:
Facebook: Riohs Originate
Twitter: Riohs Originate
Contact: WhatsApp Line 0248 32 36 69
Phone: 0248 32 36 69
Feature Credits:
Photography : DextDee Livingstone assisted
by Ababio-Ajeman Prosper
Makeup: #AbrantieCollege
Director : #Authority #RiohsOriginate
Model : @ Ama Ginger
Location : #RiohsOriginate Studio2 and MMfra park
Location Manager: Prysila Eurama Cofie
Nana Kwesi Egyir Riverson
Class Project Manager: Mis Sarah @ Sarah Huang

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