Sanction House-to-House Voter Education over NDC’s Heavy Ballot Spoilage – NDC Communicator

Sanction House-to-House Voter Education over NDC’s Heavy Ballot Spoilage – NDC Communicator

A Communications team member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ralph Apetorgbor, has observed that a heavy ballot spoilage that the NDC recorded in its recently held Presidential primary is a worrying development that needs immediate attention from the party.
Consequently, he is asking the National leadership of the NDC to start an internal voter education campaign to cure the poor voting habits of members of the party.
“I am suggesting that we start a House to House voter education campaign immediately to re-orient our members on the proper way to vote,” Mr. Apetorgbor said in an interview.
The largest opposition party recently emerged from its presidential primary for the 2020 Presidential ticket on a very good note, with the main plaudits being a landslide for former President John Mahama that has put the party on a very winsome footing.
However, the spoilage of 1,796 ballots has taken some shine from the colorful outcome of the polls. What is even worrying is that the high ballot spoilage had occurred in an election that only the party’s executives had voted in.
“The national election requires that the presidential candidate wins 50% + 1 vote, therefore every single vote is highly coveted. And so, if your executives, who ought to know better, spoil ballots this way, then it is a cause for serious concern. I am humbly begging the national executives of our party to as a matter of urgency, start an intensive voter education campaign across the country for all our members,” Ralph Apetorgbor who doubles as a deputy Communications Officer of the Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency wing of the NDC said.
Political pundits have pointed out that the amount of ballots that were spoiled was higher than even the number of ballots that some of the aspirants had gotten in the primary.
Meanwhile, Mr. Apetorgbor has joined the rest of the party to congratulate President John Mahama on his comprehensive victory. The former President won a decisive 95.23% of the votes.
“I consider his overwhelming victory and endorsement by the party as a sign of victory for 2020, and my expectation as a constituency executive of the party in Anyaa Sowutuom is that, he brings his fellow contestants on board for the common purpose of unity to win 2020 elections.
“I also congratulate the other six aspirants for their efforts of testing the internal democratic credence of the party. Though they have lost the contest, i expect that, they would bring their expertise on board for the realization of victory 2020.”
The Anyaa-Sowutuom Deputy Communication Officer has also sent congratulations to all the other aspirants. “at the end of the day, the victory is for all of us in the NDC and not one person,” he said.
He also called on the rank and file of the party to fall into line behind the party’s new leader, President John Mahama and dedicate themselves to the hard work that is needed to win 2020.

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