Salgado chooses seven footballers for trials after U13 Dubai IFC Ghana edition

Michel Salgado knows talent when he sees it. Of course, he does, especially after playing for Real Madrid 254 times over a trophy-laden 10 year period.

Salgado was in Ghana over the weekend to run the rule over the next generation of players who are angling to represent Ghana at the U13 Dubai InterContinental Football Cup next year.

Lizzy Academy, the eventual winners, would compete with big teams across the globe like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Celta Vigo, Liverpool, AC Milan, as well as teams from Asia, North Africa and South America.

A total of 8 teams took part in the tournament with the objective of securing the sole ticket to represent Ghana at the global event in Dubai in February 2018.

The event was put together by rising sports entertainment outfit Centa14 Sports and Entertainment Limited.

The seven players were pencilled down by Salgado to take part in various tournaments in Europe and Asia. Whereas some of the players are being recommended to his hometown club, Celta Vigo, he is keen on keeping some of them in his academy in Dubai as well.

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