Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Rededicated To God

Parishioners at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bolgatanga on Sunday renewed their commitments and dedication to the Catholic Church as part of the feast day celebration of the Parish.

The enthronement ceremony which was first celebrated about 39 years ago was attended by about 1000 parishioners who displayed various regalia, representing their communities and groups in the Church.

The occasion was used to introduce the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary images as a mark of rededication of the Parish to Jesus Christ and the renewal of faith by members of the congregation to be protected by Christ.

Most Reverend Alfred Agenta, Catholic Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese, who celebrated the mass in a Homily, said the occasion marked a special day on the calendar of the Church, where members rededicated and renewed their commitments to the teachings of Christ.

He said the introduction of the images of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary were ways to make the images accessible for all parishioners for use in honour and pray to God.

He used the occasion to educate all, especially the public, that the process was not idol worshipping as believed by many people, and indicated that Jesus Christ had given Christians the opportunity to honour and revere God by using the images.

‘The images are symbolic representation of the divine reality and therefore reminded us all that life is not all about this earth but our homeland is in heaven,’ Bishop Agenta explained.

He reminded members of the congregation of one God who was worthy of worship and urged them to use the Cross as central and focus on the Church and the Altar which is the table of the body and blood of Christ and the lectern where the word of God was shared and very key and central to the Catholic faith.

While he asked all parishioners to get close to these images and offer prayers and petitions, Bishop Agenta called on them to reflect on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which expressed true love of God and represented compassion and merciful love.

Bishop Agenta expressed how disheartened he was at the spate of corruption in the country and urged people to show true love and give off their best for the love and development of the country.

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