Residents threaten demonstrate over bad roads

Some residents who reside at the Community 22 annex, Washington, New York, Zenu, BBC and its environs within the Kpone Katamanso District Assembly have threatened to embark on a massive demonstration if efforts are not taken to reshape and construct their roads for them.

According to the residents, their roads are so deplorable that private cars have stopped plying the road except for tipper trucks, 207, urvan buses and rickety commercial taxis.

Even Police officers who are stationed at a local station in the area have had to park their vehicles at a filling station on the Ashaiman Katamanso road and then join commercial vehicle to work at the New York Police station.

This they attributed to the bad nature of their roads thereby compelling salon vehicles to stop using the roads.

Along the shoulders of the road are quite a number of broken down vehicles with their shafts, links and ball joints ripped apart.

According to some of the residents who spoke to Citi News, they said most salon private cars have had to park their cars at some filling stations along the main Ashaiman to Katamanso road to board commercial vehicles into the communities.

Some of the drivers who ply the communities told Citi News that they have tried on several occasions since the last administration to get their roads fixed but to no avail.

They said they will embark on a massive demonstration if the new District Chief Executive, Solomon Appiah fails to show signs of constructing the road.

“We are tired of the promises and this time round we are not going to take those fake excuses and promises given us by the District Assembly because we are dying. Look at our cars, they look rickety not because they are old but due to the horrible and terrible nature of the roads”

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When Citi News visited the area, it was clear that the road has developed huge pot holes that can be likened to valleys.

Salon cars that dread to use the road have the mud water in the wide holes on the road cover almost up to their door level.

A resident, who works at the Ministries told Citi News how he has to struggle on daily basis to get to work ” As you can see, I just left home going to work and my car was washed before leaving home but look at it now, it’s like I’m coming from the jungle. We are so tired of hearing the rhetoric from the District Assembly and I will personally support any group of persons who would wish to stage a demonstration because we are dying. My pregnant wife has to relocate to my in-law’s house at Ashaiman due to the hell she goes through each time she has to go for antenatal.”

The angry residents and drivers said they are planning to pay a courtesy call on the DCE to officially inform him of their problems and subsequent plans of demonstrating to ensure he is in the know and not taken off guard.

“We have planned a demonstration slated sometime this month but as courtesy demand, we wish to officially visit the MCE and brief him of our current predicaments and if no practical assurances are heard from him, then we shall continue with our planned demonstration unabated.”

When contacted, the Municipal Chief Executive, Solomon Appiah noted that he is aware of the bad nature of the roads and appealed to residents to endure until the rainy season is over.

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He said attempts to grade the roads earlier this year were dashed by the rains hence the need to wait till the rains are over.

However, in an attempt to fill some of the wide holes on the road, Citi News can say the DCE has poured some trips of soil on the road to ensure motorist get a temporary relief from the wide disturbing holes on the road.

But the residents and drivers have kicked against the move, saying clay isn’t the right material to be used on such a road since it would rather deepen their woes.

By: Elvis Washington/

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