Residents Of Tweakor Cry For Electricity

Residents Of Tweakor Cry For Electricity

The people of Tweakor of the Samenye-New Nzulezo Electoral area in the Jomoro District of the Western Region, have appealed to the government to connect the community to the national electricity grid.

Tweakor is one of the oldest communities in the Jomoro District. It’s a farming community with residents growing mainly cocoa and other cash crops. For residents here, their biggest headache is that more than 60 years after the construction of the Akosombo Dam, they are yet to see electricity.

A visit to the community recently by Ghanaweb’s Western Regional Correspondent, Daniel Kaku, revealed that the residents depend largely on candles and lanterns for night activities.

The situation, further gathered, compels the majority of them to walk a distance of about 7 miles to communities like Azuleti and Samenye before accessing electricity.

The community was provided with a solar panel by the erstwhile John Mahama government but the solar panel as we speak is dysfunctional and can’t recognise it.

They made the appeal through in an interview.

A resident, Mr. Amoaka Mochia is worried the community has not developed socio-economically over the years as a result of the absence of electricity.

Mr. Mochia, said lack of electricity in the community is affecting the academic performance of children in the community, because after their house chores, it is already dark and if there is no torchlight or kerosene, the children are not able to do their homework or learn.

He revealed that the situation has affected the only CHP compound that serves the communities and other surrounding communities such as Tweakor 2, Bentlebo and Navrongo in a way that drugs store at the facility doesn’t have power to cool them.

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Mr. Mochia said successive governments promised to extend electricity to the area but had failed in those promises.

He said the NDC government in 2016 brought electrical poles for the assurance of connecting them to the national grid but the poles have been there and no actions have been taken and therefore appealed to the NPP government to come to their aid and connect the community to the national grid.

“We have been looking forward to light since the time of former President Mahama but we didn’t get it. Nurses and other health workers refuse posting here because they can’t even own a fridge to keep their foods”, he lamented.

According to him, because there is no electricity here, people living here have to charge their phones and electrical gadgets at Azuleti and Samenye, in order to stay in contact with the rest of the world.

He also decried the bad roads and lack of potable water in the area.

Some residents of the community who spoke the reporter expressed concern about high rate of teenage pregnancy in the area which they blamed on high unemployment rate and the lack of electricity in the community.

Source: Daniel Kaku

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