Police secure Alabar lorry station to curb clashes

The Ashanti Regional Police command has sent re-enforcement to the Alabar lorry station following near clashes between two feuding groups.

The groups clashed in March 2017, leaving six people seriously injured.  Reports indicate that they clashed over management of the Alabar Tamale lorry station.

The Abudus are said to be seeking total control of the lorry station because the New Patriotic Party, which they support, is in power but they are being vehemently resisted by the Andanis who are supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

The police took over the lorry station following the first clashes in March with the Regional Commander assuring that measures would be put in place to resolve tensions between the two groups.

The Police were at the scene at 3 am today [Thursday] and only called for reinforcements when it became clear the tension could escalate into clashes.

The Ashanti Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Juliana Obeng said to Citi News that the police “ gathered intelligence that there was going to be some kind of unrest over here.”

“… So we moved in with personnel including the divisional district personnel and then support from the regional headquarters to maintain law and order.”

She said the situation was under control and “the only thing we have here is reinforcements from the police to ensure that we we continue to keep that space we had in the past.”

By: Lauretta Timah/citifmonline.com/Ghana

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