Police, Military saga: Gov’t will ensure the implementation of the report – Ministers assured.

Police, Military saga: Gov’t will ensure the implementation of the report – Ministers assured.

The Joint committee constituted to investigate the March 16, 2018 clashes between some officers of the Ghana Police Service and the Military in Tamale has presented a 70 page report and seven pages Executive Summary to the Interior and Defense Ministers in Accra.

This was announced at a press conference held by the Interior Ministry, with all heads of security agencies in attendance.

Chairperson of the Joint Committee who is also a Senior State Attorney, Victoria Asieduwaa, explained that the committee was faced with complex challenges such as exigencies of time and logistics constraints which was why it could not submit its report within schedule.

The committee was tasked to inquire into the incidents that has led to the misunderstanding and clashes among the two government security institutions and to make appropriate recommendations to forestall a recurrence of that incidence.

“Essentially, we were to inquire into the incidents with a view to unravelling causes of such clashes and make appropriate recommendations to forestall such clashes in the future,” the Chairperson stated.

She explained that, by virtue of the committees mandate and per terms of reference, both ministers took cognizance of the fact that the geographical scope and time span of the investigation must be sufficiently broadened to determine all previous causes of such clashes in the country.

“The committee was therefore tasked to investigate all other clashes which had occurred in the country within the past five years,” she indicated.

However, it was noted, the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) also launched some initiatives in a bid to resolve the previous incidents but were not timely and vigorous enough to contain the continuing build-up of tension and threat to the national security of the country.

She said several of such clashes were recorded in the Northern, Upper West, Ashanti and Greater Accra regions of which about 69 witnesses were sampled to aid in the investigations, including government and security officials and military commanders under whose turner the incident occurred.

Though the recommendations of the joint committee was not for public consumption, the chairperson expressed the desire that it would foster a positive cooperation between the Police and the Military, which is vital to the development of the nation.

“It is necessary also to indicate that the primary objective of the inquiry is to foster cooperation between the two institutions, that’s our desire goal to make policing better and to build safe, secure and stable communities.”

“We commend all various actors in their effort to restore peace and cordial relationship between the Police and Military as well as the sector ministers, REGSEC, and the cooperation of the rank and file of the respective security services,” she added.

Both Ministers acknowledged the work and effort of the committee and pledged their support to ensure the implementation of the recommendations as soon as possible for peace, unity and development among the two institutions and the country as well. They also assured to sanctioning any officer found culpable in the report.

“We tasked this committee on a mandate and successfully, they have come out with recommendations and it must not be put on the shelves to be dusted but it must be implemented and we assured the public.”

“We would ensure its implementation after the President has read through and authorized the implementation process to ensure that such clashes never happened again in the country.” the ministers assured.

The Interior Minister further cautioned political party executives and the public to desist from politicizing such issues, rather they should see it as national security issue and allow the appropriate government institutions to resolve the iitamicably.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey

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