Parents In Class A Schools Can Afford To Pay School Fees And Must Be Allowed To Pay

Assistant Headmaster of Mfantipim Senior High School, Mr. Stephen Yeboah has given his personal opinion regarding the implementation of the free Senior High School policy scheduled to begin in September, 2017.

The Government of Ghana in its effort to afford all qualified students access to Senior High School education has committed to begin the implementation of the free SHS programme.

The free secondary education implies the absorption of all approved fees currently charged to students in public Senior High Schools by the government.

Speaking to iWatch Africa Central Region Correspondent Amanda Okpara, Mr. Yeboah insisted that as an educationist he believes parents in class A schools can afford to pay fees and must be allowed to do so.

He argued that most of the class A schools go for extra tuition in order to make the grades therefore they have the capacity to pay their fees. He also recounted an experience where a single parent offered to the fees of up to ten students.

The Assistant Headmaster of Mfantipim also argued that for class C and D schools where there are needy but brilliant students, about 15% -20% can pay, the rest may not be able to pay therefore it will be vital to for the government to look at all these dynamics.

iWatch Africa Central Region Correspondent Amanda Okpara filed this report. (Edited by Gideon Sarpon)

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