Online Application for Jobs Killing NPP at the Grassroot

The recent ‘craze’ where almost all application for government sector jobs is done online is ‘killing’ the ruling NPP at the grassroots level. This is according to some constituency officers of the party.

Some constituency officers of the party who spoke to on the sidelines of the party’s 26th Annual Delegates Congress held at Koforidua over the weekend said the grassroots is ‘peeved’ and if care is not taking, they will ask them to go and campaign online and vote online when they go to them(the grassroots) to campaign in 2020.

Owusu Karikari Bashirudin, Dep. Nasara coordinator of the party in the Fanteakwa North Constituency said party youth are clamouring for jobs and though the government is doing very well and creating jobs, the party youth are not directly benefitting from the jobs created.

On his part, Constituency Communication’s officer of the party in the Akyem Oda Constituency, Nelson Ntiamoah pleaded with Chief Executive Officers of state-owned institutions to make quotas available for party grassroots even if they intend to use online for all applications.

He said so far with the exception of forestry commission where some jobs have been created for party youth, all other jobs have been very difficult to come by for party youths.

Owusu Aduomi, Constituency Organiser of the Akwatia Constituency on his part, also said the slow execution of government contracts by contractors at the suburban areas are hindering the effective work of the party at the grassroots level.

He said, the party campaigned on the ineptitude of the previous government and the slow execution of contracts by contractors working on government projects such as building of roads, schools, markets etc are making it difficult for them to be able to convince their youth that it is not the fault of the government not to embark on developmental projects.

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Meanwhile, some members of the party have called on the newly elected executives to bring all candidates (both winners and those who lost) on board since the battle of 2020 has begun.

Member of Parliament for Asene Manso Akroso Constituency, George Kwame Aboagye said the NPP has always believed in cooperation after the competition and same must be employed by the party as they prepare for the election in 2020.

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