Ofosu Amofos makes chilling revelations in explosive leaked tape

Ofosu Amofos makes chilling revelations in explosive leaked tape
Ofosu Amofos makes chilling revelations in explosive leaked tape

Ofosu Amofos makes chilling revelations in explosive leaked tape

Chilling revelations by the National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress Samuel Ofosu Ampofo (NDC) in a secret tape, reveals how the country’s two main parties are racking up their violent armed contractors for the 2020 elections.

Apparently, this threat to the 2020 elections has forced the European Union (EU) delegation to hint that they will not be funding Ghanas 2020 elections.

According to Mr. Ampofo, the violence unleased on the NDCs members by untrained thugs deployed by the ruling party (NPP)in the guise of National Security officers during the just-ended Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections, has forced the NDC to mount a counter-offensive.

“As long as I remain the leader of the party, my approach to election security has completely changed from what happened. We need to marshal all the human and material resources some covert and overt operations. We would go after them. But we would not go after them face-to-face. We have to use tactical approach to make life very uncomfortable for some of them. We would target some people, and we would let some people know that their life is in danger. Once they know their lives are in danger, they would be careful We would go all out,” Ofosu Ampofo is heard saying.

In the tape, Ofosu Ampofo revealed how some of the masked supposed National Security operatives that brutalised opponents at Ayawaso were actually NPP thugs recruited from Odododiodoo the previous night and were handed sophisticated weapons.

“They were not trained security personnel. We picked intelligence very late the previous night when they went and recruited people from Odododiodoo, Apparently they recruited some of these thugs the previous night and distributed weapons to them. In fact the Odododiodoo Youth organiser cameto come and tell us, Nii Agyei Blankson and others, the kind of weapons they distributed so we pick up all these things [Intelligence]. The plan they were hatching we were not a state of preparedness to call for even reinforcement from anywhere,” Ofosu Ampofo told a group of his party officials during the secret recording.

The tape is believed to have been recorded a few days after the Ayawaso elections where he was explaining to party executives why he curiously called for the NDC to boycott the elections in the heat of the violence being unleashed on his party’s vigilante boys by the freshly recruited thugs from odododiodoo.


“I had no option, that is why I was tactical in saying that we are withdrawing our party agentsthey were under attack. To save them, the best thing is to recall themIt was a very difficult decision,

“We have chief Azorka in our meeting, he said, if you had not taken this decision [announcing that the NDC was pulling out of the elections], I dont know how my boys would have gone back to Tamale,” he revealed in the explosive tape.

“The issue is that they [The NPP] have brought the Kandahar Boys, and the Kandahar Boys know our boys from Tamale, so it was a targeted attack around that time, my people [Azorka Boys] were so defenseless and they had packed themselves in pickups and so cordoning off and harming them was very very easy, and they had not anticipated all these things [the attack from the Kandhar Boys masquerading as National Security] coming it hasn’t been easy, but for me, how we take the battle from here.

He revealed how some police officers expressed their revulsion about how thugs were recruited into their ranks at Ayawaso.

“I have had calls from senior police officers who said that we salute you [Ofosu Ampofo], the police are not happy because they have been trained, they have a reputation to protect. You are going to kill people on the street, you put police uniform on them and give the police bad name. There are several police who are not happy.

“Tactical withdrawal was to place the issue [the violence] in proper context so that every focus would be on what the government is doing and that is what we have largely succeeded in doing, he said.
The President [Akufo-Addo] has shown his true colours as a very violent person. The security and future survival of our country is at stake,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Ofosu Ampofo announced a planned relentless attack on the Electoral Commission boss, Jean Mensah for her show of insensitivity during the attacks.

Apparently, the NDC had gone to complain to her in the heat of the violence and she waved the complaints off as normal.

“We must wage a relentless war on this EC Chair. When we went to her office, she said it is you, the NDC/NPP usual thugs. I said No, madam, do you know what you are talking about? As a Commissioner, do you know what you are talking about? I think we need to take her to the cleaners,” Ofosu Ampofo said.

This revelation puts the EC boss on the spot because she had told the Emile Short Commission investigating the Ayawaso violence that she did not receive any report of violence.

Source: Whatsup News


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