NDC Branch Elections: Elect competent leaders

The Election Director of the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ayensu Patrick has advised registered party members to elect competent members in the upcoming party’s branch elections.

The young maverick politician in the Amenfi East Constituency of Western Region made the comment when he visited group of NDC members in the Constituency over the weekend.

He said they cannot sacrifice our victory in the 2020 general election for leaders who does not have the party at heart.

“No we can’t elect people who will not be available when they are needed. Look the branch is the base of the party and so we can’t establish a weak base and expect victory in 2020 hence we must be vigilant when selecting people to lead our base which is the foundation of the victory we are looking forward for in 2020”, he cautioned.

He also advised incumbent executives at the branches to accommodate, accept competition in the election.

“Open up for people who have interest in serving the party to contest don’t say you are the chairman or secretary of the branch so you will deny people to pick a form and contest you

No we need everyone onboard to be able to win 2020 election however you must be careful of your choice of words when campaigning because you will need everyone after the election”, he explained.

He cautioned the party faithfuls to avoid family and friends affairs and elect people based on competence.

“Let’s not say this is my son or daughter, brother or sister, wife or husband and vote them when we know they can’t do the work

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It’s better we elect someone who is not your sibling but can work efficiently to help win back power than voting your sibling who cannot work efficiently to win back power”, he added.

The NDC party is preparing to elect its branch executives across the country after the mass registration of its members.

Source: Daniel Kaku

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