Natural Flames Club Receive Support From Abii National

Accra, Oct. 5, GNA – Mr Bennet Ashie, the Head of Corporate Affairs and Service Excellence at ABii National Savings and Loans, has launched Natural Flames Club, an arts and drama club in Accra.

Natural Flames Club (NFC), an arts and drama club, aims at pooling individuals with unique talents in various fields of music, acting, poetry, script writing and many other talents into one big family in order to nurture and develop their talents.

The club was founded to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals by rekindling their natural abilities.

Natural Flames Club, strives to strike a balance between passion and work by providing platforms and opportunities to her members to develop and present better solutions to problems and contribute meaningfully to societies and business development.

The event was held under the sponsorship of ABii National Savings and Loans a leading financial institution in the sector.

Mr Ashie said there is the need for all to understand that everybody created by God has in one way or the other been given some form of a talent, gift or unique ability.

Speaking on the topic, ‘How a developed talent can be an influencing factor of success in the Corporate world’, Mr Ashie, used the biblical story of the parable of the talents to illustrate that the only difference was in the quantities or appearances of these talents; adding that ‘the notion that a talent is only good or useful when it is flashy or has a distinct outward appearance was very misleading’.

Mr Ashie said there is the need for all to put to good use their natural talents and abilities in whatever roles they found themselves since that was a sure way to generate real passion and enthusiasm on the job.

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He said anyone who found himself or herself doing what he or she naturally loves to do in the corporate world was a delight to watch and work with.

‘The working space is full of challenges and difficulties, I must be frank with you all but what is sure to keep you going and ready to overcome all hurdles is when your talents are at play since it helps you develop a thick skin’, he said.

Mr Ashie urged all the students to remember that everything had a time frame within which it could be used to its maximum potential and so it is necessary that as young men and women they all seek to know their unique strengths and talents and make the best use of them whilst they still had the gifts of time and strength.

He said talents, gifts, unique abilities were all very good and useful in the working world but it is very important to also develop the right attitude to propel these talents and abilities.

‘Developed talents will take you far but developed talents nurtured in the space of good attitudes will take you much further and for a much sustained period,’ he added.

Master Obed Moody, Founder of the Natural Flames Club, said he was very elated that his dream of launching this club had come to pass.

He said every individual in his or her element can attain seemingly impossible heights, leave good trails on the paths of history and be in resonance with their inner being.

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He said: ‘Here at NFC, we seek to highlight individual creativity by promoting the products of our members to the world. Passion is the essence of all life’s endeavor and that is our greatest tool for achievement and perfection in Natural Flames Club.’

The vision of the club is ‘to be the world’s number one club that assists individuals to identify, explore, and develop their talent to suit the needs of modern business and embrace their calling’.

By Iddi Yire, GNA

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