Nana Addo: The Vigilante and the Prophecy of Kufuor

Nana Addo: The Vigilante and the Prophecy of Kufuor

It’s been a while since I share my thoughts on social media, I hope this piece will help those who still believe the fourth republic is safe and secured. I see things differently and if the unfortunate happens, remember the words of former President Kufuor ….. “VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL KEEP THE COUNTRY TOGETHER, SOMEONE WHO CAN UNITE THE FORCES, MILITARY POLICE ETC”. Reference to the tape that president Kufour said he has the right to look for a good man to succeed him, so that he can enjoy his retirement in dignity. I can confidently say, Kufuor knew why he didnt support Nana Ado then. Ten (10) years after, his prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.

Prior to the 2016 general elections, the NPP had a huge believe in the security services and the security service also pledged their support to the opposition new patriotic party. Based on this confidence, the NPP went to court to seek a relief that, the votes for the special voters (these had majority as security officers) should be counted right after they vote, the court refused them their request.

These will show you the level of trust they had in 2016 .

Today, the story has changed, the NPP will rely on the armed militia to cause mayhem than to go to the trenches to campaign. The AWW has been an eye opener for us and a documentary I just watched; by Manasseh Azure, ends the story for me. BLOOD MUST FLOW FOR NANA ADO TO BECOME PRESIDENT FOR THE SECOND TIME.


The report of ..m. commission will do nothing for me because it cant change my mind about the white washing job on their hands.

As a christian, I will pray for the nation, but as a politician, I must work to assure every branch executive not just to campaign for votes. Campaign for men, real men who can kill Goliath with their bare hands when they come with spears and javelins, bows and arrows, guns and bullets.

The shame of this administration doesn’t need anyone to paint it black, it is darkening at every corner you go.

Manasseh, good work but the clearing agent will clear all those involved. He needs the forces more than the development of this nation.

NPP is this what you promised Ghanaians?; anyway, better days are ahead. If indeed God is the Ghanaian that we have always known him to be, then 2020 will be the end of this useless gov’t.

Thanks for reading
Godwin Ako Gunn
Kun fa yakun

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