Nana Addo and Bawumia has failed the INTEGRITY TEST – Bagbin

Certainly election 2020 would be an election that Ghanaian would use to differentiate between truth and outright lies between the NPP and NDC with regards to accusations and counter accusations.

In the run up to the 2016 elections the then candidate Akuffo Addo and his running mate Bawumia campaigned across the length and breadth of Ghana labelling accusations of corruption, incompetence, insensitivity, high cost of living, lawlessness etc on the Mahama led NDC government which saw Ghanaian voting massively for the NPP in the 2016 December polls.

Since the inauguration of Nana Addo as President on January 7th 2017 and 11 months down the line a lot has happened under the political landscape of Ghana.

I honestly wonder the message of the NPP in election 2020 looking at the scandals upon scandals that has hit the 11 months old NPP government.

If the NPP thinks that they are doing so well with the implementation of their campaign promises why would they be worried about the return of John Mahama a candidate they defeated in humiliating manner in the 2016 elections.

The NPP should be worried because the Nana Addo Bawumia government is not living up to expectation and Ghanaians are seeing the signs clearly. At least Ghanaians now know the following about the NPP government……

√ Nana Addo cannot campaign on a bloated government again in the history of Ghana after appointing 110 ministers and deputy ministers with their assistants.
√Bawumia cannot campaign about borrowing again after trying to give a 419 name to borrowing as leveraging.
√ At least Ghanaians now know that going to the IMF was not a bad thing as Bawumia made us to believe in 2016
√ Nana Addo cannot campaign on family and friends government again after appointing almost every family member to serve in his government.
√Nana Addo cannot look into the eyes of the Galamsey guys and tell them that he is going to offer them jobs after failing them
√ Bawumia cannot campaign about Corruption again after spending 2.5 million dollars on a fraudulent GhanaPostGPS app and spending 177 million Ghana cedis to raise a failed energy bond.
√Abu Jinapor cannot jump from radio station to TV station to accuse appointees of JM of corruption after being exposed by A+Plus for collecting 20,000 dollars before u can see the President.
√Nana Addo cannot campaign on insecurity in the country after presiding over 11 months mayhem visited on innocent Ghanaians by the Invincible and Delta Forces
√Samira Bawumia cannot insult JM again after her brother has being appointed deputy NADMO boss and her father an Ambassador.
√Bawumia cannot compose another song with the lyrics “Ghanaians are suffering” under JM because Ghanaians are suffering under Bawumia and his Boss more than ever
√Ghanaians would known that after all Bawumia was not the Best Economist in the world as we were made to believe.
√Ghanaians would know that after all JM did no wrong in accepting GITMO2 .
√Ghanaians would know that JM did no wrong in pardoning the Montie 3 after spending some days in prison
√ Ghanaians now know that JM was not wicked and insensitive as we were made to believe by Otiko Gyaba
√ Ghanaians now know that after all Akuffo Addo and Bawumia lied about the DKM, God is Love,Jastar motors and other microfinance scandal in Brong/Ahafo

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√ Ghanaians now know that the cars at the flagstaff house were stolen by the NPP members as revealed by Abronye DC.

√ Ghanaians now know that Nana Addo appointees are more corrupt than the Mahama appointees as revealed by Prof Martey and others
In conclusion Ghana voted for change in 2016 based on the lies and deceit of Nana Addo and Bawumia but now the signs are clear and the NDC and JM have been vindicated..which explains why the NPP is worried about the come back of JM. The standard of life of the average Ghanaian is worse off today as compare to 2016.
Nana Addo and Bawumia has failed the INTEGRITY TEST… and must be shown the exit.








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