NaCee campaigns against the use of drugs

Music Producer and award-winning gospel musician NaCee will in 2018 start a nation-wide campaign against the use of drugs.

According to NaCee the rate at which the youth of these days are smoking at joints and pubs is alarming.

“For this reason, I will embark on this project to create awareness against smoking in Ghana” he revealed.

According to him, it almost seems normal for ladies to be smoking Shisha these days. “It has its own major health implication especially for women” he added.

Nacee @ Homebase Studios

“I am not an expert in these sorts of things, but I know that when smoke enters your body, it invariably leads to sickness if not at that moment, someday. Women are high risk because, their bodies are more delicate than men” he said.

He also advised the young men saying “those men who smoke wee almost as if you are drinking medicine, please refrain from this. It hasn’t helped anyone. I am not sure it’s going to help you in the future”

He also cautioned men who believed that they needed some “sort of bitters” to make them good in bed saying “the health implications in the future is what you need to think about”.

Nacee just released a new music video for his song Efata wo, an anthem for self motivation.
The song was premiered on YouTube and is the first of a series of songs that Nacee plans to launch in the coming months.

He said this in an interview with RSM Kofi Doe Lawson on the morning show ‘Ebobba’ on Homebase TV.

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