NABCO recruits demand postings

Some Ghanaians employed under the Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) are yet to be posted several months after the initiative was launch amidst fanfare at the black star square in Accra.

A statement from the NABCO Secretariat in 2018 said some 44,000 applicants had been placed to start work in November that year.

But a number of the trainees especially those in the Revenue Ghana and Enterprise Ghana modules have however complained that they have not yet been posted.

Some of them also said they have also been rejected by the companies they were posted to.

One of the recruits who applied for the Revenue module said: “the majority of us have not been placed.”

“We’re just at home watching television and hearing Ministers and government appointees say that we’ve been placed, and we are actively working. But nothing is going on. There hasn’t been any communication from the NABCO Secretariat. That is also a bother for us because if any information should be coming in, it should be coming from their end,” he added.

Another one who applied for the Enterprise module said: “I’ve not started work yet, but I have received my placement at Ghana Standards Authority which I reported the following day.”

He said when he went to the place he was posted to, “they told me to put my details down and that I will be contacted, but I’m yet to hear anything from them.”

Some also took to social media to complain about the delay in payment of their GHc700 allowances.


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