Man Dies On ECG High Voltage Pylon

THE HANKERING of a man in his early 30s to pick some strange eggs from a 33,000 voltage pylon in Kumasi has cost his life.

The deceased, unknown, had climbed a tall ECG pole around the Asokwa Interchange area in Kumasi, early Sunday morning ostensibly to pick the strange eggs, which are believed to be used for voodoo also known as ‘Juju’ rituals, for sale.

Unfortunately, he was electrocuted even before he could lay his hands on the precious eggs, which are said to be expensive on the market.

Officials of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Police and Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) came for the body few hours later and had since put it in a morgue in Kumasi awaiting autopsy.

Eye witnesses told the paper that around 5:30am on Sunday, they surprisingly spotted someone dangling on the high voltage pylon.

They, therefore, alerted the police, ECG and other institutions who quickly responded by sending their men to the scene to retrieve the body on the pole.

Some of the people that spoke to the paper said certain birds usually lay eggs in a nest on top of the ECG pole.

They said the eggs are special and very expensive on the market as they are used for hoodoo activities by some people in society.

According to them, the man had tried to retrieve the eggs for sale in the market but was electrocuted by the high voltage of power.

Some of the people suspected that the deceased might be a certain mentally retarded person who usually roams about the Asokwa community.

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FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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