Mahdi Gibriel To Contest National Organizer Position

Mahdi Gibrie

Mahdi Gibrie

Though the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is yet to open nominations for the party’s national elections, a deputy national organiser, Mahdi Mohammed Gibriel has declared his intent to vie for the substantive position of national organiser.

It is unclear whether the 2016 National Campaign Coordinator of the umbrella party, Mr. Kofi Adams will put himself up for re-election after the party’s shocking defeat in the 2016 elections.

However, Mahdi Gibriel who has risen from the grass root level to the national level believes he is the surest bet for the NDC to reclaim power from the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 elections.

In a statement, Mahdi Gibriel said he possesses the needed experience to re-energise and effectively mobilize party members to deliver victory for the NDC in the 2020 polls.

Bellow is the full statement;

After an extensive consultation with Senior Party Comrades, major Party stakeholders, work colleagues and families, I have decided to humbly heed to the call from the rank and file of our great party – the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to contest for and win to become the next National Organizer for the Party.

By this statement, I will wish to humbly declare my intention to contest for the position of a National Organizer when nominations are opened. In line with our collective resolve to efficiently re-organize our party to recapture power as speedily as possible, I offer myself to serve you in this bid.

Considering the unnegotiable need for us to save this country from the ailing hands of the Akufo Addo Government, we don’t have any excuse to gamble with who we elect as a National Organizer. What the party needs is an Organizer who does not only have the commitment, the wit and the mettle to mobilize an efficient election winning machinery, but also possess the experience to deliver political victory with efficiency.

Yes, 2020 is possible, but only with an efficient pair of hands that can re-energize our people and effectively mobilize in affability within and without the Party.

As publicly affirmed by many, I have proven beyond all reasonable doubts, through my service to the party in various capacities from the branch level to the national level; that I possess that efficient pair of hands required in the mix to deliver a resounding victory.

Once again 2020 is possible, but conditioned on Commitment and Hardworking. HARD WORK remains a function of SUCCESS; which is the greatest attribute of MAHDI MOHAMMED GIBRILL.

Fellow Akatamansonians, I look forward to serve, work tirelessly for you and with your support bring victory to the party in the general elections in 2020.

Let’s join hands to deliver Ghana together, for in our collectivity lies our strength.


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