Local Ghanaian Drinks We All Love

Ghana has a very rich reserve of food and culture that we are very proud of. Our drinks are unique and delicious and have so many different variations. From the north to the south are many delightful drinks from each of the ethnic groups in Ghana, and these drinks are a favourite for every Ghanaian not just on special occasions but on normal days as well.

These are 6 local Ghanaian drinks that we can’t get enough of:

Sobolo: This delicious drink is made from the Hibiscus leaves and is a very healthy treat for everyone. Also called Bissap, this drink is infused with ginger and pineapple juices to give it its sharp unique taste. It is usually served chilled and accompanies any spicy meal. Some bars have created cocktails out of this drink making it a uniquely popular and favourite drink of every Ghanaian.

Pito: Pito is made from fermented millet or sorghum or sometimes malt and it is popularly found in the Northern part of Ghana. It can be served warm or cold, and usually in a calabash. It is a strong alcoholic traditional beer that is sometimes used in performing certain traditional rites. Local Ghanaian drinks we all love READ

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Asana: This is made from crushed fermented corn and sugar. It is found almost every in Accra, especially in markets. It is sometimes mixed with milk for a more creamy taste.

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Brukina: This drink can be found at any bus station or market. It is a healthy, tasty drink made of fresh cow milk and ground millet. A little bit of sugar and salt is added to give it a unique taste and is best served chilled. Local Ghanaian drinks we all love

Palm wine: Also popularly called ‘Palms’, this is a sweet, nutritious drink derived from the palm tree. It is delicious when it’s freshly tapped, but after a few days when it gets fermented, it acquires a slightly sour taste which indicates that there is the presence of alcohol.

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Ginger drink: This delicious spicy drink is known for its healing properties especially with colds and sore throats. You can add whatever flavourings you wish to give the drink a unique twist.

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