Lives In Danger At Mile 7 As Drivers Disregard Traffic Regulations

Lives of Pedestrians are in danger as drivers disregard simple road traffic regulations at mile 7 junction, new Achimota, a suburb in the Ga West Municipality, Accra.

It is most common as it is disheartening to see drivers who use the Mile 7 St. John’s Road, park to load their buses on the zebra crossing and other unauthorized places.

This deviation by the drivers has time without number led to the lost of several lives on that particular stretch of road. A situation which could have been averted if the traffic and road regulatory act 683 were adhered to.

For the avoidance of doubts it states, ‘a person who parks a motor vehicle wholly or partly on the verge or shoulder or a road , on any land situated between two carriageways and which is not a foot way, in a foot way, on a pedestrian crossing, or on a place reserved for the physically challenged ,commits an offense and liable on summary of conviction to a fine not exceeding 250 penalty units or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 12 months or both’.

As if violating this piece of legislation is not enough, some of these drivers who use this route to Ofankor Barrier, Taifa and Dome do not also belong to the GPRTU. Making regulating their business and attitude difficult.

The real issue is what is being done to avert this obvious indiscipline which is costing human lives and pissing great discomfort to other road users.

In an interview with the GPRTU chairman of the Achimota New Station terminal, he was of the view that the Bus stop at mile 7 junction has been moved ahead to the Achimota shopping mall bus stop hence no one is suppose to stop or reload their buses there.

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He made it categorically clear that that their task force commander has been given the power to make sure that these drivers do not park at the Zebra crossing by positioning members of their task force there.

On his part, a police man on duty on that stretch of the road to direct traffic has said offending drivers will be punished severely when caught.

He further called on drivers and pedestrian to follow simple lay down traffic regulations to help reduce road accident and chaos.

For now some pedestrian we interviewed complained about the long wait before they get a car and the dangers to their lives especially now that the zebra crossing sign is wiped off”

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