Kpansec Girls Dormitory Wiped Off By Strong Wind


Kpansec Girls Dormitory Wiped Off By Strong Wind

Education is the main priority of the Ghanaian youth, but quality education in Kpandai is nothing to write home about. There are myriads of problems confronting education in Kpandai but several educational reform efforts have been initiated over the years aimed at finding lasting solutions to problems concerning education in Kpandai.

Months on, students were screaming everywhere, there is no portable drinking water, no dinning hall, no library, our dormitories are below standard, our school laboratory lack proper equipment’s, our classroom accommodation is grossly inadequate and many more.

In regards to this, media reportage from different angles paid courtesy visit in helping to find lasting solutions. I can say unequivocally, that nothing good has come out of that.

Residents of Kpandai are still shocked and trying to find words of adjectives to describe about the Sunday’s rainfall in the community. 40 Minutes after the rain storm, a strong gust of wind swept off Kpandai Senior High School Girls Dormitory leaving most of the students injured.

One witness disclose: “We saw the sky turn dark. Then suddenly the winds became really, really heavy. “At first it didn’t affect the area [outside the School], but after one or two minutes the winds became even stronger. The roof at the entrance to block the rain crashed down. It was pretty scary.” Said by a student.

In Kpansec eight people were reported injured after the strong winds blew. The incident happened earlier today “seven people with injuries were taken to hospital in ambulances and leaving a lot of some girls been injured slightly”, P.T.A chairman revealed.

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“It is our rights to know whether Kpansec is not part of the senior high schools in Ghana without further ambiguity” the P.T.A chairman questioned?

This incident happened prior to their Annual Inter School Competition, the school has become a threat to most of the visiting schools. However, Hon Mathew Nyindam Mp for Kpandai and as the guest of honour for the up coming event will tomorrow address this issue.

Speaking to the senior house master (Mr Musah), he complained bitterly that due to the congestion in the girl’s dormitory, they usually find it difficult to even conduct inspections. Students chop boxes are kept outside in order to pave way for them. “My wife is also a victim of the injured people and my fear now is all about the visiting schools, who knows what’s to happen next?” he added.

“There are some ongoing Ghana Education Trust fund (Get fund) infrastructure projects but they are moving at a “snail speed”. An 8-room GET fund girl’s dormitory started in 2010 but was only roofed about a month ago and another five room dormitory is only at foundation level, All these problems are retarding the pace of educational performance in Kpansec today”, he revealed.

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