Kasoa Polyclinic Not Abandon, Work In Progress – MCE


Kasoa Polyclinic Not Abandon, Work In Progress – MCE

Kasoa project is still in progress but due to some peculiar issues, work has delayed but not abandon.

Health facility project at kasoa which was part of the interchange in the central region of Ghana seems to be abandon as residents raise alert to the fact that this important project in the town has been given up completely for a long time and no one is saying nothing about it.

A Municipal Chief Executive of Kasoa, Mr. Michael Mensah debunks concerns of the residence that the project have not been abandon but rather work is in progress but currently encountering little technicalities.

This morning in an interview with Rsm Kofi Doe Lawson, the Host of Eboboba a morning show on Homebase Tv, The MCE stated that “I took over when the project was at the window level and I supervised to its current state where work is still ongoing but there where issues on the land which the Polyclinic was on, I faced a wearisome land guards which also delayed the project, till the regional minster set up a committee was set up to check such issues which I was the chairman”.

Furthermore he clarified, the project specifications that was given to the contractor to work with, when they after they finished and handed over, the project was not in a good shape to use because there was no electricity contract attached it so I went to the electricity company to arrange for a transformer which have been done cause the project come along with a mortuary so due to that the power intake will result in low current in that particular community where the polyclinic is situated.

Work is ongoing and will soon be done, all claims against the project are all political gymnastic and false propaganda he added.


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