Joy FM Back To School 2018 Opens

The annual Joy FM Back to School promotional sales has opened Friday at the Providence Events and Recreational Centre near Ghana Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

Running into its 5th edition, this year’s event which has 77 exhibitors promises a lot of back to school opportunities as exhibitors have discounted sales on items purchased at the fair.

The 3-day bonanza in which exhibitors have displayed items such as school bags, shoes, pens, trunks and clothing is expected to attract over 4000 visitors.

Bic, producers of Bic Pens, Evolution Pencil, Bic Crystal Fine has launched a special promotion at the fair with winners going home with some exciting products.

A lot of the companies such as Royal Kids, Kida Mart, Fan Milk Ghana LTD, Redemption Book, Genius Kids Club, Fresher’s Pack Enterprise Life , Becky’s Feet Buck Press and Master Man Publication have exhibited products at giveaway prices.

The event has Enterprise Life, Bic, MTN Republic Bank, Pepsi Nataraj as major sponsors

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