John Boadu Is The Best General Secretary For NPP, Now!

John Boadu Is The Best General Secretary For NPP, Now!

As our great NPP fraternity has come to the crossroads of electing a new crop of leaders to lead us into the battle of 2020 elections, we need a true leader, a unifier and one who is tried and tested. One who possesses the vision and the messianic zeal necessary to lift our party to the higher heights of undoubtful electoral victory.

The NPP will continue to need a courageous chief scribe who is both cautious as well as pragmatic. Politically, one who truly believes in the righteousness of his noble cause. It is the cause that is more important not the individual. Individuals are vessels for enlightenment and for God’s will.

All this sounds similar to anyone who is engaged, closely, watching the erudite John Boadu. These constitute the bedrock of John Boadu’s character.

John Boadu, the Acting General Secretary of the NPP, is a natural-born politician, warm, physical, commanding, empathetic, soulful, and tirelessly exuberant – who is willing to accept the burden of the substantive office for the good of all.

Old wine is always the best! Experience always outweighs experimentations.

John Boadu, having been in the position in both turbulent and turbid times, brings the much needed and rightful experience and competence to lead the administration of the party. He has tasted the most bitter period and has industriously tuned it to the favour of the NPP. He has skillfully demonstrated that he is the best hand to co-manage the affairs of our party. The NPP could not have looked any further. John Boadu has proven to be a result-oriented individual who can deliver to the delight of every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

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From day one, the heart of John Boadu has been the pursuance of the NPP’s business no matter what obstacle his opponents put in his way. He is an enabler and committed to the future of Ghana and the NPP. Full of fluid and energy, he has run a strong NPP with a combination of intuitive genius, intensity, and eccentricity. He acts more like a doer than a talker. The agenda of John Boadu is succinct as it is simple: Rooting the NPP firmly on the ground for a landslide victory in 2020.

The political super-heavyweight has gotten the ideal way to open up a very good campaign for the hearts and minds of the good people of Ghana for victory 2020 vis-à-vis the brazen smear campaign and excessive propaganda rigorously propagated by the operatives of the NDC.

John Boadu’s political armoury and track record outperforms any timid playing hide and seek game on social media. It must be noted that John Boadu is here to pursue a cause for the NPP not a career for himself.

He is an intellectually eloquent gentleman, who can use words like love and compassion without sounding like a wimp, and has the expertise of managing pressure to a favourable level. As an Acting General Secretary, he has largely proven to be much knowledgeable to know the pressures, complexities and ensuring that favours trickle down to the ordinary party loyalists He is a serious man to deal with the serious stuff.

John Boadu is a ‘Buy one, Get one free’ product that must be roundly upheld by all delegates: Buy John Boadu, get Victory 2020 for free. John Boadu is an ambitious, an idealistic, and a distinguished patriot, co-author of our landslide 2016 victory, who has enhanced the dignity and brand of the NPP. John Boadu is a doer, performer, leader and a winner who is deserving of a hundred percent endorsement.

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