Interesting: iPhone users are rich

Well, it’s difficult to guess how wealthy someone is based on appearances but economists at the University of Chicago has carried out a research which proves that iPhones users are extremely rich.

Obviously, owning an iPhone doesn’t imply that a man is rich, yet the gadget fills in as the most dependable pointer for deciding whether somebody falls into a higher level of pay.

The research has been led in the US showcase and has considered a few ages of Apple’s cell phone lineup, the iPhone alongside different items. The analysts stated, “Overall years in our information, no individual brand is as prescient of being high-wage as owning an Apple iPhone in 2016”.

That information demonstrated that owning an iPhone gave the analysts a 69 percent opportunity to effectively distinguish the proprietor as “high-wage,” which was characterized in the paper as being in the best quartile of pay for the individual’s family unit compose (single, wedded, with wards, and so forth).

Well in Ghana, one can get an android smartphone which may even cost less than GHC 600 but an iPhone, on the other hand, cost more GHC 6,000.

The piece of information that is perhaps most interesting from the paper is how quickly the iPhone became a status symbol, and what it has replaced.

In 1992, the most reliable indicator of a high-income individual was owning an automatic dishwasher or a telephone answering machine. In 2004, buying a new car or owning a personal computer were some of the top markers of wealth.

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