Instate the Mental Health Authority board – GMA to Govt

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has asked the Government of Ghana to, as a matter of urgency, instate the board of the Mental Health Authority.

The newly-elected president of the GMA, Dr Frank Ankobea, has said the absence of the board is hampering the work of the authority.

He explained that if the board is not inaugurated immediately, the plight of mental health patients and the sector in general will be aggravated.

“We call on the government to inaugurate the board of the Mental Health Authority immediately,” he told Accra FM on Monday, 13 November.

“The sector is facing several challenges, and, so, we need the board to come in and deal with those challenges.

“We also want the government to commit more resources to mental health in Ghana. This will enable the authority deal with the challenges it is saddled with.”



Source: Accra FM



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