I will legalize Marijuana when I become President – Kofi Akpaloo


Founder and leader of Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo has stated emphatically that he will legalize Marijuana when he’s voted into power come 2020 for Industrial purposes.

Mr. Kofi Akpaloo on D)t) k3se3 ase kase3 nk)m) on Homebase TV explained that there are so many health benefits in the use of marijuana which needs to be legalized.

He opined that, Ghana’s economy will also grow when the use of marijuana is legalized because most developed countries like Canada have benefited from marijuana.

The LPG leader added that legalizing marijuana in Ghana will help avert unemployment rate because most unemployed people will have the chance to engage in its production and sales.

He was however quick to say that, there will regulations on this herbs because if one abuses it, there are side effects.

Several Ghanaians including the Rastafarian council have called for the legalization of marijuana (weed) because it has lots of benefits but past and present governments of Ghana have paid deaf ears to these calls saying people will abuse its use which will cost the country a lot.


Source: Hbtvghana.com


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