Homosexuality: Akufo-Addo under pressure

Barely 24-hours after the entire interview of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was aired on Aljazeera dubbed  “talked to Aljazeera” hosted by Jane Dutton, he has come under pressure over comments to the effect that the current law on homosexuality in Ghana is bound to change.

The President’s comments appear not to have sat well with some anti-homosexual campaigners who insist that the country’s religious and social cultural beliefs frown on such practices.

The President while being interviewed gave an indication the country’s position on homosexuality could change if there is a strong advocacy.

But persons who are opposed to this are still in doubt if indeed the comments attributed to the President are true.

“Maybe I didn’t hear him well, so somebody should come and explain to us exactly the policy direction of this government as far as same sex marriage is concerned,” Secretary of Christian Council,  Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni  Frimpong noted

With the President’s position,  Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni  Frimpong fears that if pressure is piled on government by advocates of homosexuality, it may cause a change in the law and the legalisation of homosexuality.

“In public policy they say that what governments do or decide not to do are all policies so if we hear that one day if somebody can put pressure on Ghana we may change”, he said.

“Somebody needs to be very clear that we don’t need pressure to change. We want to keep what is good for us, even if we are poor,” he added.

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Speaking to Aljazeera’s Jane Dutton the President Akufo-Addo said the country’s culture and tradition for now does not allow the legalisation of homosexuality but was quick to add that if public opinion changes, the law may just be amended.

“This is a social, cultural issue, I don’t believe that in Ghana so far, a sufficiently strong coalition has emerged which is having that impact on public opinion that will say ‘change it, let’s now have a new paradigm in Ghana.’



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