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HOMEBASE TV (HBTV) is the pace setters in the creation of thematic home entertainment in Ghana. It is a 24-hour free-to-air digital TV channel operating from Accra, the capital of Ghana. It can be seen on all digital TV sets, SMART TV Decoders, GoTV decoders, Quality Combo Decoders, and all MPEG 4 DTT decoders.

Know Us

HomebaseTV now covers the Greater Accra, Ashanti, parts of the Eastern and parts of the Central regions of Ghana. It is in the works to ensure that the rest of Ghana is covered with transmission installations to establish a much wider viewer base. It is also currently available on pay-per-view channels in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

The Channel seeks to thrill viewers with handpicked locally produced movies and other showbiz entertainment packages. Programming on HomebaseTV cater for an entire household entertainment desires with a mix of movies, series, comedies, chat shows, documentaries, talk shows and live studio programs in English and our Local Languages. HomebaseTV presents a political, unbiased approach to social, governance issues etc. updating its audience through balanced programming. It is a platform for authentic, indigenous African content. Its style and content is best described as hybrid owing to the unique and dynamic programming format. It is the preferred choice for audience who yearn for classy and quality African programs.


HBTV is the pace setters in the all-Ghanaian-content Channel in Ghana. It is experienced in running numerous tasks simultaneously within strict timescales and budgets; Operating within a Total Quality Management System and a Customer Management environment that underpins commitment to customers with a high level of care with all work processed. Our innovative programming of strictly locally-produced or homemade programs is to satisfy the demands of our viewers sets us apart as visionary in the entertainment TV broadcast medium HOMEBASE thrives on efficient professionalism and team work with our experienced professionals always ready to go the extra mile to deliver quality programs to our cherished viewers.

Building a unique brand image for ourselves means that, we always rely on creativity as our benchmark to achieve exceptional results Homebase believes that problem solving, multi-tasking and effective team leadership significantly increases efficiency and productivity. We are ambitious in our ideas and this drives us all to take the kind of bold decisions that result in extraordinary results, at the same time we are also not averse to challenges and we are ever ready to embrace and cement them wherever they may come from. We are looking to make a continued significant partnership with a company that offers an opportunity for greater challenges within Africa and beyond. Socially, HomebaseTv has a responsibility of supporting and promoting feasible projects and events.


We aim at championing the cause of Ghanaian Movies, TV programs and Music Videos through Production, promotion, marketing and distribution.

To promote Ghanaian entertainment to world standards, through international co-productions and the provision of the necessary resources for the entertainment industry.


  • Encourage and support Ghanaian film productions
  • Promote the development of local content on Television, by marketing and distributing these productions primarily to Africans any where in the world.
  • Promote quality entertainment programs from Ghana.




  • Primary target: 20 – 55 years
  • Secondary target: 13 – 19 years
  • Tertiary target: 60 – 75 years


Ghanaian/African 80% Foreign (non-African) 20% Entertainment 50%

  • TV series, music, movies, documentaries, talk shows, magazine programs Social documentary 50%
  • Governance, documentary, culture, health, talk shows etc.


  • Local language 50%
  • English 50%


Homebase TV – Total Enjoyment
Events.Music.Movies.Documentaries.Talk Shows.News.Series..

Homebase TV – Total Enjoyment
Events.Music.Movies.Documentaries.Talk Shows.News.Series..

Setting New Standards In Television