Handsome Actor, Ifeanyi Kalu ‘Forced’ to take off his Beards

Sometimes Nollywood is not all about the money but about the passion some of these celebs put into making a story looks real.

Some of these celebs go the extra mile of inconveniencing themselves just to tell the sometimes true story the way it ought to be so as to depict the real character.

Recently, handsome Nollywood actor, Ifeanyi Kalu, did the unexpected as he was made to take off his hair and beards all for an emotional movie which he admitted is the deepest story he has ever come across.

According to the actor, “How far can the passion for this game take you? All through my career, never shot a movie like this one….I can literally say it’s the deepest story I have come across…..inspired by true live events…watch this page as we unveil more. It’s a pretty huge one. An Edward Uka Mindset.”

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