Akufu-Addo is running a “chop-chop” Gov’t – Ekow Spio Gabrah

The former minister of trade and industry, Ekow Spio Grabrah has expressed deep worry at how the Ghanaian economy is being managed by the ruling government.

The minority in parliament at a breakfast meeting with its stakeholders outlined their expectations and of the 2018 economic and policy budget.

They labelled the NPP’s manifesto and the 2017 budget as sloganeering with popular slogans such as ‘free shs’, ‘one district: one dam’, ‘one district: one factory’ etc.

According to the minority in parliament, the ruling government cannot achieve its goals and its struggling to fulfill the promises it made to Ghanaians in their 2016 manifesto.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ekow Spio Gabrah in an interview with Homebase TV Ghana after the breakfast meeting pointed out the sectors of the economy that was heading for failure.

According to him, the government has lied to Ghanaians, they only fueled hopes in the hearts of the citizens only to be let down by the government. “In 2016, during their campaign the president promised free education for all, later when he came into power and realized the project wasn’t feasible, the government then said the free shs is for just new entries. What about students in the private shs who are also Ghanaians whose parents also pay taxes? Why are the students in the private shs given support as well? Aren’t they Ghanaians?” he questioned.

He also explained that the government was struggling to balance the budget. “The budget doesn’t allow the government to fund the free shs on time, construct roads and railways and even build hospitals”.

He revealed that the government is only practicing the “chop-chop” system: borrowing money for consumption. He said the government was heading for failure if all the borrowed money consumed and no structures we put up to cater for the welfare of the people.

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Source: Maryan Abena Oteng/hbtvghana.com



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